For urology providers, we provide flexible and patient-centred medical billing services. DOCTO BILL provides a turnkey billing service from start to finish, with the goal of lowering denials and increasing cash flow.

Outsourcing Urology Billing Services

Urology billing, like many other fields of medicine, is a complex procedure with frequent and costly errors. Having all of the coding correctly and not forgetting something is a source of irritation for many practises, with procedures ranging from minor in-office acts to major procedures involving hospital stays and follow-up treatments.

Advantage of Our Urology Billing Services

To keep afloat as a company, it’s crucial to get paid for all services provided, which necessitates ensuring that the coders and billers are informed of all procedures and the variables associated with each. In these complicated cases, the proper use of modifiers in coding is often important, because even minor errors can result in a claim rejection or refusal, which effectively restarts the coding and billing process for each claim that isn’t approved.

Docto Billing Challenges for Urology Practices

Denied claims

Payers sometimes refuse compensation for a procedure after it has been completed and a claim made, even though the claim is valid and a coding mistake has been included that does not accurately reflect what was done. One common explanation for this is the lack of coding for the tests that proved the operation was medically appropriate. Regardless of whether the rest of the documentation indicates that it was required, the coding criteria must be adhered to to the letter.

Under-coding and over-coding

Under-coding and revenue loss result from failing to provide all of the subcategory coding and modifiers required to correctly bill for services. It is illegal and can result in serious complications, so it should be avoided even if it saves a patient money. Over coding, or coding for services that were not rendered, is obviously illegal, but it can happen simply by entering a wrong code.

We bring innovation and efficiency

DOCTO BILL specialises in coding and billing, so it's our job to boost our clients' bottom lines by reducing mistakes and speeding up the billing process, resulting in quicker payments to you. From scheduling to bill collection, we handle the entire process. Our qualified coders have prior urology billing experience, so they know which codes are required, and our process includes a review of each claim to ensure that all necessary information is present and that everything makes sense.

We are specialists at finding the problem

Our proprietary software contains all of the codes necessary to fully communicate what was done and to submit claims that are approved the first time they are submitted. If a claim is refused or rejected, our team is experts at identifying the problem, fixing the claim, and navigating the process to get you paid. Get a free demo today. We're excited to show you how much money we can save you while enhancing the productivity of your office.