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Docto Bill Manages Traumatology Billing Services

It is no secret that medical billing and coding are complicated and demand far too much of doctors’ time and attention. There is good news, though. They can be outsourced to professional medical billers like Docto, who focus solely on revenue cycle management (RCM) including the details of coding and billing.

Save your energy for patient care

Traumatology billing services can be performed in-house, and the American College of Surgeons even offers coding workshops that qualify for CEUs, for those doctors who want to be hands-on with their billing. However, most surgeons would rather have as much time and energy for patient care as possible, so being freed up from dealing with medical billing is a big win both for their ability to enjoy their jobs as well as for their bottom lines, because billing specialists get more claims paid.

Medical Billing and Coding Issues for Traumatology Surgery

Complicated procedure billing

While some surgical practices may perform the same surgeries repeatedly, traumatology surgeries vary widely, so the coding that describes each part becomes much more complicated. Every service that is delivered should be compensated, but this requires detailed coding and medical billers who are familiar with the intricacies of the various surgical practices employed so all the expected notations are included with the claim. Failure to have everything coded in accordance with payer requirements will result in the entire claim being denied.

Global surgery packages

Global surgery packages are special medical billing codes that, used with the appropriate modifiers, bill for the entire surgery, including pre-operative and post-operative care, which greatly simplifies the billing process. However, there are different packages depending on the period of care, and a great many variables come into play for each surgery, so it requires medical coders and billers to have training and experience with surgery so they can tell when anything is missed, or a service was done that isn’t included in the package. And then they must know how to denote the additional procedures correctly so that it is clear that it wasn’t included in the package.

Multiple doctors billing for one surgery

When a team from one hospital performs a surgery, they bill as a unit, but when doctors who are not part of the same institution come together for a procedure, the billing gets more complicated. Medical billers must know how to carefully code to avoid the appearance of duplicate or redundant billing.

Submit correct claim

In addition to making sure your claims are correct before they are submitted, we have specialists who can quickly identify and correct issues causing denials and get them resolved. The medical billing process starts with patient scheduling and continues through all dealings with patients up to collecting unpaid bills. We are here to support you for every step that you would like, but our services are customizable, so you can choose exactly what you need.