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Medical billing solutions from DOCTO BILL are available for medical practices and facilities of all sizes. We regularly raise revenue for our clients by at least 10% while streamlining, compliant, and stress-free medical billing processes. Our tried-and-true method guarantees accurate coding and optimal reimbursements.

We take care of all of your accounts’ ins and outs. As a result, even in the event of claim denials, we don’t give up on your sales. Our medical billing specialists use a completely optimized denial management system to help us provide well-managed services. As a result, we immediately challenge all of your rejected claims so that we can recover every last dollar owed to us.


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Our innovative approach and experienced healthcare solutions team increase revenue and get payments faster. Shortening Reimbursement Cycles and Maximizing Profitability Schedule Demo Click to Call OR

Docto Bill Healthcare’s Innovative Model Provides Unique Benefits

  • Revenue Increase

    Minimum 10% increase and up to 30%

  • High Volume

    Innovative system facilitates processing hundreds of claims daily

  • Secure

    Data transmission and encryption designed by top-level security specialists

  • Customized

    Choose only the services that benefit your business

  • Personalized Support

    Manager assigned to each client plus live phone support

  • Risk-Free Pricing

    No hidden charges, pay only for successful collections

Increase Revenue With a Shorter Reimbursement Cycle

DOCTO BILL provides the most dependable medical billing services available, enabling you to concentrate on your practice’s sustainable growth rather than revenue cycle management. To gain your satisfaction, we have to consider your needs and satisfy them. So, by outsourcing medical billing services to us, you can maximize your revenue stream while also giving us the ability to provide our clients with adequate medical billing services.

If you own a big or small medical practice, we do not cut corners on the quality of our services. Our clients are as important to our culture as they are to us. We recognize how difficult it is to provide high-quality healthcare services, so we make it easier for you to be compensated for your efforts in less time. We listen to your needs, assess your current framework, and develop a personalized solution to help you generate more sales more quickly and easily.

Outsource Medical Billing Services for Greater Revenue and Peace of Mind

Take care of your patients

Medicine, like healthcare revenue management, is complicated. We appreciate that your patients are your highest priority. As a result, we have to ensure that you are compensated each time you provide healthcare services to your patients. Our trained team works with healthcare providers to manage their account receivables and keep your credit clear of blemishes.

Your trusted partner

By working with a reliable established medical billing company, you will maximise your business's prospects. When you're having trouble getting reimbursements for your care from private insurance providers. DOCTO BILL provides you with the opportunity to take command of a highly skilled medical billing team. This ensures that the billable medical reports are free of errors. As a result, you should expect to be billed on time and without facing any problems during the billing process.

How Medcare billing services Increases Client Revenue

Fast Filing

Clean Claims

Tracking System

Rigorous Follow-up

A/R Management

Fast Filing

When a service is rendered, it is important to make a claim as soon as possible. Managing huge variations in claim volumes and getting all submitted on time is incredibly difficult for in-house employees. In almost all cases, the team of qualified professionals at DOCTO BILL healthcare solutions gets claims submitted in under 48 hours. We gather correct information and expedite the claim process by uploading it electronically using the new and best medical billing technology.

Clean Claims

Before of claim is made, DOCTO BILL assigns an experienced biller who is familiar with the intricacies of medical billing for your specialty to scrub it for errors. To keep claim submissions accurate and effective, we start claims with checked patient demographics and superbills. We take great pride in delivering skilled and cost-effective back-office services.

Tracking System

Unpaid claims result in millions of dollars being missed each year. We monitor every claim before it is charged, regardless of the sum, to ensure that you obtain the highest level of reimbursement possible.

Rigorous Follow-up

The bulk of unpaid claims are abandoned due to rejections and denials. Unpaid claims are vigorously investigated by us, starting as early as 15 days after application. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Programs (CMS), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Academy of Skilled Coders (AAPC), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all have current billing requirements that must be followed when challenging insurance denials (ACA). Since we are 100 percent HIPAA compliant, DOCTO BILL is one of the most dependable medical billing companies in the United States. That’s why, through our entire portfolio, we’re known for being the most dependable medical billing companies. When you entrust us with your patients’ personal details, it is our highest priority to protect it from breaches and unauthorised access.

A/R Management

When it comes to a revenue collection management system. All you need is a highly-efficient medical billing solution that can help you increase financial conversions. Being a medical practitioner your every minute is valuable. Therefore, you must have reliable medical billing solutions that can help you track down every medical billing claim and make sure to get it paid. If you don’t have sufficient staffing flexibility then no worries! Docto Bill is here to help you with professional medical billing and coding services

Customer Service Is Our Focus

Last but not least, our attitude distinguishes DOCTO BILL. We consider ourselves to be a customer service company rather than an accounting department. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service, so we work hard to make communication easy, reports understandable, and processes as productive as possible.

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