Primary care involves the widest scope in healthcare as it includes patients of all ages. Our team of certified medical coders has an in-depth knowledge of current reimbursement methodologies so we’ll manage all aspects of your medical billing to help ensure you receive proper compensation for services provided.

Primary Care Billing Services by Docto Bill

Docto Bill helps primary care physicians get back to focusing on patient care, while we take care of the revenue-related tasks.

Wound care is complex for several reasons

Primary care offices tend to be busy places with lots of action going on all day long. Trying to have an in-house medical staff take care of handling claims in addition to providing the services patients need can be impossible to do well. Distractions and changing priorities can mean it becomes very difficult to focus on the administrative details that must be perfect to avoid claims being denied.

Docto Bill offers customized services

Outsourcing medical billing—and sometimes the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process—has become the solution for many medical offices of all sizes and specializations, with primary care practices being especially able to benefit. Docto Bill offers customized services, so you are able to turn over just your billing and coding, the whole RCM process, or any bits and pieces you want to. By outsourcing these tasks, you will be able to maintain an in-house staff that has much greater focus on patient care, and higher job satisfaction.

Medical Billing Concerns for Primary Care Practices

While primary care has the advantage of being able to use many of the same codes day after day, there are some aspects of medical billing and coding that add complexity for a primary care practice.

New Patients

Primary care is often the first appointment a patient has after signing on with a new insurer or payer, and the paperwork must be all set up. Patients often don’t know what their coverage is, or have confusions about it, so office staff must be equipped to get the details from the insurer and explain the coverage and any expected part of the bill to the patient.

Large numbers of claims

Because a primary care physician may see many people in one day, there are many separate claims to be coded and submitted. Each one may be for a small amount, making it important that they be processed quickly and without error. Resolving denials can take hours of medical staff time, which quickly incurs more cost than the claims are worth.

Physician patient relationship

Because patients may see their primary care physician many times, they expect to be known personally by their doctor, which means primary care doctors need to be able to focus completely on the person in front of them. Sharing the burden of the requirements of medical billing and coding greatly reduces physician job satisfaction, which makes it that much harder to be present and focused on each patient.

Take care of your patient

It has become fairly well known that physician job satisfaction is declining. Huge amounts of responsibility for paperwork related to medical billing contribute to the stress of running a medical office, but that is no longer necessary. Docto Bill provides the full suite of RCM services, starting with our proprietary software that makes sure all the latest codes are included and payer and insurer new policies are also up to date, so that coverage is confirmed when the appointment is made. From there, all the details of scrubbing and submitting claims and dealing with any rejections or denials are swiftly handled.

We are exclusively focused on RCM

We also will take care of payer credentialing, compliance audits, annual payback…. You choose the kind of support you want, and we are here to provide it. We are exclusively focused on RCM for medical businesses, and all of our staff are trained on the privacy and security requirements of HIPPA. Our coders and billers are certified and experienced with primary care billing, so they know what to look for and how to avoid the common pitfalls.