It is important to have a professional billing team with hands-on experience in claims recovery for Pathology Billing. DOCTO BILL’s experts provide full-featured, quick, and intuitive billing services that help you accelerate your financial growth

Advantage of Our Pathology Billing Services

Advances made in cardiology in recent years have increased the success of treatment but have also resulted in new and more complex medical coding and billing requirements.


You need to have in-depth knowledge

Pathology groups and laboratories face unique billing criteria, which can be difficult to meet. Billers and coders must have in-depth knowledge of pathology sub-specialties, as well as current working knowledge of billing standards and CPT codes changes, in order to effectively apply and receive claims. Pathology laboratories must enforce rigorous enforcement protocols in line with evolving laws and regulations in light of increased scrutiny and tighter limits on laboratory billing practices

Merit-Based Incentive Payment System

The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which defines DOCTO BILL payments based on scores in four performance categories: efficiency, cost, improvement activities (IA), and encouraging interoperability, is perhaps an even greater challenge than federal and commercial guidelines (PI). Pathology labs must report on six Quality metrics and up to two IA measures to avoid payment cuts in 2020 and to receive the full reward.

Documentation and reporting

It’s important to change front-office and back-office processes to ensure full reimbursement from all payers because the lab’s potential revenue depends on recording and disclosing the quality of treatment you provide. Many insurance firms have whittled down their provider networks, and pathology laboratories are gradually being branded as out-of-network. The fact that health insurers are putting more limits on coverage is contributing to the complexity. Payments from insurers and patients are becoming more difficult to come by. While you might not be able to monitor coverage, you may prevent rejected claims and collection accounts by checking eligibility before delivering services

Successful claims & increasing reimbursement

As if all of these obstacles weren't enough, timely sample processing and reporting are critical for effective claim submission and higher reimbursement rates. Overall, the rules and reporting standards are complex and time-consuming, resulting in payments being postponed or missed. These problems can make or break a pathology lab's business, but with the aid of a dedicated team of laboratory billing specialists and analysts, you can regain control.

We keep your lab profitable

To keep the lab profitable and operating, DOCTO BILL offers robust pathology billing services that detect and resolve possible enforcement, regulatory, and reporting problems before they arise. To recover lost revenue, we vigorously and efficiently collect on old A/R accounts, and we make reliable, timely claims for clear revenue streams. Our certified medical billing professionals specialise in pathology medical billing services, resulting in a faster payment period and increased profitability.