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Docto Bill's Nursing Home Billing Services

Outsourcing medical coding and billing has become a popular solution for medical institutions of all kinds and can be especially helpful for those running nursing homes. It is important to work with a professional organization, like Docto Bill, with certified coders and staff who are all trained in HIPAA best practices and have experience with medical billing for nursing homes.

Why Outsource Medical Billing and Coding?

Running a nursing home requires medical staff to stay up to date on patient care and be available to handle emergencies. That doesn’t create the ideal environment for detailed paperwork, especially if staff are expected to do more than just the medical billing. It is far more efficient to have experts who deal only with coding and billing take care of it, so medical personnel can focus on patient care. These are just a few of the aspects that make medical billing for nursing homes so complex

Complicated Medicare rules

Medicare Part A provides coverage for nursing homes, but there are several conditions that must be met, and they can be very confusing. The patient must be receiving a skilled level of care related to a recent hospitalization, etc. Medical billers must be attentive to the details of coding for these patients or claims will be rejected.

Multiple insurers

Medicare Part A covers a nursing home stay requiring skilled care for a limited time, but there are many people who must live in a nursing home, but not in relation to a condition for which they were recently hospitalized. There are some private insurers that provide long term care plans and Medicaid provides coverage for those who need to be in a nursing home but don’t have the money to pay for it. The amounts covered and conditions under which Medicaid applies vary from state to state.

Consolidated billing

Most services and medications provided in a nursing home are included in the “consolidated billing” daily rate set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), but there are several categories of exceptions, such as oncology. These claims for specialized services must be processed through the nursing home, so it is important for billers to be aware of what the additional services are, and how to code them correctly.

We are certified and experienced

Medical professionals are highly trained to care for patients, and coding and billing paperwork are often causes of stress and reduced job satisfaction. Docto Bill, however, is dedicated to revenue cycle management (RCM) alone, and we have billers on staff who are certified and experienced in nursing home billing.

Our proprietary software

Our innovative approach to medical billing makes the process simple and efficient, starting with our proprietary software that makes sure all the latest code changes are incorporated. Our additional RCM services include annual pay back, compliance reviews, bill collection, payer credentialing and much more.