We offer advanced oncology medical billing services with the guarantee of government policy enforcement and a high return on investment. We design and implement scalable and efficient billing and coding procedures, as well as efficiently respond to denials and rejections in order to complete the necessary annual payer changes and payback.

Molecular Billing Services

As a molecular (or genetic) diagnostic laboratory, you perform important tests and facilities that have a huge effect on people’s lives. You have conclusive research findings that assist clinicians in recognising, diagnosing, and approaching medical treatment responsibly. While healthcare practitioners recognise the value of genetic testing in preventive care and treatment choices, insurance providers have been slow to agree. The billing for molecular research laboratories is difficult. For one thing, molecular testing is costly, and payors are hesitant to cover the costs, particularly when there isn’t a clear reported medical need. Credentialing problems, the inability to secure insurance arrangements, and the CMS’s strict family background standards are all major roadblocks for diagnostic laboratories. It doesn’t help that medical and genetic testing developments have outpaced regulatory agencies’ ability to keep up, resulting in a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating coding and billing process.

we ensure
Accurate Claims Submission

DOCTO BILL provides specialised molecular, genetic, and diagnostic laboratory billing services to ensure that claims are correctly coded and submitted on time, with all necessary documentation. Our certified medical billing specialists are experts in their field, and they keep up to date with all CPT code changes. We apply correct claims the first time and see increased collections on A/R accounts because of our advanced expertise and experience.
Ever-changing Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are a challenge in every area of laboratory billing, but they’ve been updated at such a breakneck pace in molecular billing that it’s virtually impossible for in-house billing workers to keep up. Individual genes don’t always have their own CPT code, which makes filing an accurate claim incredibly difficult. One code can be applied to ten separate genes in some situations. In certain cases, the gene isn’t even mentioned, so claims must be billed with unlisted codes. The billing process is further complicated by additional MolDX coding criteria for each gene.
Your lab develops tests and tracks genetic and chromosomal abnormalities with costly equipment, and you deserve to be reimbursed as soon as possible for the services it offers. However, you are not on your own when it comes to molecular research lab billing. Every step of the way, we’ll be by your side.