Docto Bill lab billing services cover all aspects of medical revenue cycle management (RCM), from payer credentialing to old AR collection. Laboratory medical billing services are available as a standalone offering or in a completely customizable package that may include insurance verification, patient billing, and old AR collections, medical coding and billing software, and more.










Docto Bill expert billing for medical laboratory services includes scrubbing and submitting claims within a few days, then tracking all claims until they are paid, resulting in greatly increased revenue.
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Laboratory Billing Solutions

For Complex Requirements

Unlike several medical billing companies that only operate with high-ticket suppliers, DOCTO BILL’s creative approach is ideal for lab billing strategies that include the processing of a large number of low-dollar claims. Our system’s productivity allows us to clean and file hundreds of claims in as little as 48 hours, and each client is assigned a manager who will monitor all claims and ensure that they are all reimbursed.

Full-Service Lab Billing Company & Solutions

DOCTO BILL can help with any aspect of lab revenue management. Clients often begin with lab medical billing, but after seeing how well our system handles their claims, they move on to collections and then other services, especially those that require dealing with payers, such as credentialing, which can take a long time. We'll also take care of old AR accounts, and we've had a lot of success receiving payment on bills that are over a year old. Our team will take care of payer credentialing, insurance policy verification, enforcement audits, and everything else you can need.

Claims Management & assessment

The primary goal of a lab medical billing service is to get paid for the services you give to patients. Before filing claims, our experienced billers scrub them for mistakes, significantly decreasing rejections and denials. When these problems arise, our method for recognizing the problem and quickly resolving it is extremely efficient. Since claims that are abandoned can result in a substantial loss of revenue, our system involves monitoring each claim to ensure it is compensated, regardless of its value.

Collections – Old AR and Current Charges

There are sometimes balances owed from patients, partnering providers, or additional payers in addition to the payment earned directly for claims. We'll take care of it. Clear contact and an effective system combine to deliver substantially higher receipts than average. Also, for balances due that are up to a year old, our handling of old AR accounts is highly successful.

EHR/EMR Integration

Software must be modified regularly to prevent claim denials due to coding errors; however, the expense of maintaining such an information system may be prohibitive for labs. One of the most significant advantages of operating for an independent laboratory billing services and solutions company is that you won’t have to think about coding updates or payer specifications. Our software can be used in combination with the current practise management, EHR, and EMR software, or it can be used separately to handle all aspects of patient data and revenue.

Always Up to Date

DOCTO BILL’S coding and billing teams are highly qualified and experienced, but we make it a point to include regular training to keep everyone up to date on code updates and new payer requirements. Tracking down the source of the mistake that triggered the dismissal or denial, and re-training the responsible party to ensure mistakes are not replicated, is a final step in our claims management process that makes us really stand out.

The Lab Business isn’t Getting any Easier

Leverage the Docto Bill team’s lab experience and know-how to help chart a successful future.

Detailed and Transparent Reporting

You will be relieved of the time-consuming and sometimes boring task when DOCTO Bill provides your laboratory medical billing solutions, but you will also know exactly what is going on with your revenue. Our reports are provided on a daily basis and are structured to keep you updated about a number of several key performance indicators (KPIs). You’ll see, for example, how long it takes to get paid and how the accounts-receivable balance compares to the number of services rendered. After working with us, you can find that you are getting paid faster and that the amount of unpaid bills is decreasing.

Risk Free Partnership

Our unique approach to laboratory medical billing has been so effective that we guarantee at least a 10% rise in revenue. There are no secret costs, unlike some other laboratory billing companies. Your account balance will not be charged any start up or setup fees.
When you work with DOCTO BILL to outsource laboratory medical billing, you’re working with a reliable partner who is solely focused on your performance. To meet your needs, we have extensive billing and project management services.

We offer complete and customized billing and project management services to meet your needs.

Affordable Rate

At a very low cost, we will provide you with physician practise management services and advanced medical applications.

Runs Smoothly

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we appoint a DOCTO BILL Regional Manager to your office.

HR Services

The DOCTO method will also assist with payroll, insurance coordination, and human resource services for your workplace.

Accounting Services

We'll process and receive your accounts receivables, as well as provide comprehensive accounting services.

Medical Billing Collections

EMR/EHR-Integrated Accounting

Physician Billing

PPO Contracting

Billing and Coding

Physician Credentialing with Coding Evaluation

Staff Administration

EMR/EHR Custom Template Design

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