Imaging Center Billing Services

DOCTO BILL is one of the few medical billing firms that can deliver a wide range of medical billing services customised to your imaging centre’s particular needs. Radiology revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivables (AR recovery), electronic health record/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) technology, practise management, and patient engagement are all services we offer. Radiology billing services rely on accurate coding, regular claims processing, and constant follow-up on all denials. DOCTO BILL’s certified billing specialists have a deep understanding of the coding and billing criteria for mobile imaging, radiology, and free-standing imaging.

We Will Handle
Complicated Coding

Since CPT codes are split into two groups based on the services rendered, coding for radiology practises and imaging centres can be difficult. Many imaging centres and radiology providers have claims rejected due to incorrect CPT codes modifications, but with DOCTO BILL's radiology billing services, you can rest assured that you'll be paid for the time and care you've given to patients in both technological and professional aspects. Collections are made more difficult by free-standing imaging facilities, mobile imaging (such as x-ray and ultrasound), and free-standing radiology equipment.

That’s What We Offer

To shorten the reimbursement time, boost revenue sources, and improve profitability, DOCTO BILL’s provides robust imaging centre billing services and best-practice process management.

Stay Focused

When you're concerned about the bottom line, it's difficult to stay fully focused on patient care. If you're wasting time and money diagnosing finances rather than patients, it's probably time to have a look at the existing radiology billing methods.

Detail-oriented Professionals

We recognise that you aren't concerned with deciphering complicated billing rules and coding standards. Your focus is on delivering the best possible patient care. And it needs to be. Our imaging centre billing experts are meticulous and have ample experience showing medical need. When claims contain only a rule-out diagnosis, we review patient records and allocate the required diagnosis codes. That means you'll get paid easily and in a timely manner.

Our Specialties