DOCTO BILL is responsible for reimbursement, technical resources, and AR rehabilitation. We want to help you improve the results of your hepatology practise while also increasing your operational performance.

Docto Bill Hepatology Medical Billing Services

More and more doctors are expressing frustration with their employment as a result of the many hours of paperwork required, which causes stress and deprives patients of the time and attention they deserve. Medical billing for hepatology is a time-consuming procedure that accounts for much of the time spent on paperwork, but it is critical to the practice’s success because it decides how much money is paid for care given to patients.

Doctors can have an optimized revenue stream

DOCTO BILL offers complete revenue cycle management (RCM) to doctors so they can have a better revenue stream without having to handle it themselves. Since we have a team of certified billers and coders with hepatology billing expertise, outsourcing to us results in less claim denials and rejections and more sales.

Why Hepatology Medical Billing Needs Specialists

There are many people who provide medical billing services, but partnering with the right group can achieve much better results. It’s important to recruit medical billers who are competent and professional in the industry. Here are only a couple of the reasons why you should employ experts to manage your hepatology medical billing.

Multiple doctors involved in the diagnosis and treatment process

The coding for a claim must indicate not only what kind of doctor and what kind of medical facility was used, but also what type of care was performed, if there was a prior diagnosis, and so on. By the time a patient sees a hepatologist, he or she has already undergone a series of tests, starting with the family doctor. If all of these aren’t coded correctly, the payer is likely to reject the argument as a duplicate.

Highly specialized diagnoses and treatments

Even if there are certain conditions that are normal in the field of hepatology, there are several specifics that must be included in the coding, and these may be unfamiliar to novice medical billers. Medical coding must also signify that a patient being treated does not have similar symptoms in other organs or body systems. The difference between full reimbursement and missed revenue due to ignored information is getting specialised billers and coders.

Bundled codes

Payers also bundled the expected products for some treatments into one code in an attempt to simplify medical billing (and reduce costs). If the bundle code precisely suits what was done, billing would be easier; however, there are also extra steps or substitutions that must be coded in order to be paid. However, in order to prevent the appearance of duplicate charging, the coding must also state why it was required. It’s not possible to charge individually for goods in a package because this might result in an overbilling scenario, which is illegal.

Let DOCTO BILL’s Experts Increase Your Revenue and Give You Back Your Time

Our cutting-edge medical billing services provide proprietary software that simplifies coding and ensures that all of the most recent updates are accounted for. We can also handle payer credentialing, as well as annual paybacks and compliance audits.

Coding and submission of claims

Although coding and submitting claims is an important part of RCM, the process actually starts when the appointment is scheduled with payer approval. The claims are made and any problems are addressed after the patient has been treated, but the patient will be liable for a portion of the charge. DOCTO BILL will take care of all aspects of RCM or only the ones you want us to treat. Our services can be tailored to your exact specifications.

We can increase your income

Our clients say that having us handle their claims reduces tension and increases revenue, helping their businesses to grow while being much more enjoyable. Contact us today to arrange a free demo to see if we can relieve you and your team of the administrative burden of medical billing so you can concentrate on your patients.