We can manage your hematology practice with services that range from audit risk assessment to EHR implementation and optimization of the return on revenue.

Docto Bill Hematology Billing Services

Medical billing and coding is complicated and despite some attempt to simplify coding, it has still become largely responsible for the stress associated with running a medical practice. Hematology billing services can help to increase revenue and greatly reduce that stress.

Outsource the entire revenue cycle management (RCM)

Outsourcing the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process is becoming the norm for busy practices and, at the very least, hiring a professional medical billing and coding company like Docto Bill to manage filing and resolving claims is necessary to assure maximum revenue.

The Need for Professional Billers for Haematology

Combinations of malignant and non-malignant diseases

Sometimes a hematologist will treat a patient for anemia with no other medical complications, but in many cases, the patient also has a malignant condition like leukemia. This makes billing complex, and treatments and even office visits must be carefully documented to avoid claims being rejected.

Complicated procedures and treatments involve complex coding:

Haematologists are often oncologists, but two separate physicians in these specializations may treat the patient. Treatments often involve a series or procedures or medications and coding is complex to notate all the details of who did what, whether it relates to a new or previously treated condition, etc.

High-ticket claim items

As a specialization dealing with many serious diseases and being involved with developing treatments, many items that are billed are expensive, which means that losing the income from even one claim can be a substantial loss of revenue.

We have innovative approach

Docto Bill innovative approach to medical billing starts with our proprietary software that keeps providers up to date on all the coding changes and payer requirements. We have billers who are experienced in hematology, so you don’t have to worry about lost revenue because the billers and coders didn’t understand the intricacies of the specialization.

lower stress level, higher revenue

Our clients tell us that not only is their stress level lower, but revenue is higher, making our services a benefit to them well beyond the small fee we are paid. The easiest way to see the full picture of how we work is to get a free demo today. Click that link and let us show you how we can increase your bottom line while letting you get back to focusing on patient care!