We provide DME coverage services and in-service equipment that are viable for your services. We allow you to have complete DM services without upfront expenses and exclusive support.

Durable medical equipment

Durable medical equipment is unlike any other aspect of medical care where coding and billing are concerned, but almost every field of medicine deals with it to some degree. There are more “miscellaneous” and rarely used codes involved, making it especially difficult for medical staff to stay aware of all the unique requirements for coding and billing.

Outsourcing medical billing to professionals

Outsourcing medical billing to professionals like Docto Bill frees up office staff to deal with patients and helps to avoid patients becoming upset because of misunderstood bills and unexpected charges for durable medical equipment.

Unique Challenges of Medical Billing for Durable Medical Equipment

Because it is different from other aspects of medical care, which generally deal with diagnosis and treatment, medical billing for durable medical equipment has its own codes and many payer rules. These are just a few of the things that make billing for equipment complex:

Rental requirements

Some equipment must be rented rather than purchased, and some may be purchased after a set time of being rented. Payers and insurers may have differing requirements and, of course, require documentation—which medical providers are expected to submit.

Custom items

Certain things, such as specialty wheelchairs and foot orthotics, are customized and have additional billing requirements, such as submitting a factory invoice and complete description, which must be submitted with a paper claim so all pieces are submitted together.

Manufacturer warranties

When equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, if it is under warranty, the manufacturer must take care of it. The provider may only bill the payer after the warranty is expired, which requires providers to be aware of the status of the warranty.

We have innovative approach to medical billing

Docto Bill is a full-service medical coding and billing company, with certified billers on staff who are experienced with the special requirements for durable medical equipment billing. Our innovative approach to medical billing includes proprietary software that assures all the latest codes and payer requirements are included. We specialize in medical revenue cycle management (RCM) so are able to keep up to date with all the latest changes.

Our services are completely customizable

Our services are completely customizable, allowing you to assign only medical billing to us and do the rest yourself if you wish, but we highly recommend outsourcing additional tasks to us so that you have more time and energy freed up to devote to patient care. We are experienced at payer credentialing, annual pay back, compliance reviews, etc.—all aspects of RCM from beginning to end.