Census Entry

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Pricing and reporting standards have changed the way laboratories handle knowledge in today’s world. These reporting standards have frequently had a negative impact on laboratory profit margins. It’s also made handling in-house billing and data entry departments more challenging for laboratories. As a result, there is more tension and employee turnover. The necessity for staff availability 24/7 in week is a concern. Processing requisitions and data entry into a LIS system is a time-consuming job. Data entry and lab order placement procedures used in the past are obsolete and prone to errors. Many laboratories have shrunk in preparation for regulatory changes, and many lack the resources required to ensure that the census entry process is performed efficiently and accurately.

We Offer

Census Entry Handling

We have full census entry services. The billing period for laboratories starts with lab orders. They are, however, something more than a request for services. Your lab orders are the lifeblood of your business, and how quickly and accurately they are handled determines your success. We recognise the financial effect that delays and errors have on your company. For our customers, we provide Census Entry as a stand-alone operation. Orders in any format can be treated by DOCTO BILL (manual, email, EMR, etc.) so that you can concentrate on what is most important providing exceptional service to laboratory patients For Census entry, we have a specific workflow that begins with order receipt and ends with a multi-step eligibility verification. We collect missing information and correct errors as required by calling phlebotomists or facilities. After that, we proceed to Demographic Entry and Coding Analysis before entering the details into the LIS framework.

Our Workflow

Complicated procedures and treatments involve complex coding:

Modifiers are an important part of coding. These additional subcategories of numerical codes are required to give the details that are required in order to be reimbursed for all services delivered. While inexperienced coders can look up the general code for a procedure, they often do not know how many levels of modifiers they need to include or all the numerically-coded details that need to be added. Payers are trending towards more bundling of costs into single codes, which can simplify billing—but coders must recognize any variance from the standard bundled items and know-how to itemize to avoid over-and under-coding.

High-dollar claims result in huge losses:

In a family medicine practice, hundreds of patients may be seen daily, resulting in a huge number of low-dollar claims being filed, but in cardiology, examinations and treatments are more in-depth and time-consuming, so far fewer patients are seen each day. If a physician sees 10 or 15 people on a normal day, the loss of revenue for a single unpaid claim can be the loss of up to 10% of the day’s income.

Docto Bill Increases Revenue

With cardiology billing companies it’s getting more complicated all the time and payers and medical institutions forever looking to cut their costs, an effective revenue cycle management (RCM) system is becoming increasingly more necessary. Outsourcing billing and coding to Docto Bill allows medical professionals to focus on patients because experienced, certified specialists are handling their RCM from start to finish.

We have certified coders

Docto Bill services begin with scheduling and cover all aspects of billing, up through debt collection when necessary. Our certified coders are experienced in over 40 specializations, including cardiology. Our billers know how to recognize red flags for over-coding and under-coding and make sure clean claims are submitted.

We focus on coding & billing

Because we focus only on coding and billing, we are able to stay up to date on government offers and can maximize revenue from government incentives. We handle daily billing, respond to denials and rejections swiftly, and even manage charting and coding compliance, annual payer adjustments and pay back, as needed.