We are particularly concerned with coding and billing practises, and we work with our clients to help them optimise their income from government incentives while still complying with government requirements. We handle regular billing and immediately respond to claim denials and rejections. We set up charting and coding to conform with the annual payer changes that you set up

Advantage of Our Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Recent developments in cardiology have improved patient outcomes, but they have also resulted in new and more complicated medical coding and billing criteria.

Cardiology is a relatively high-cost medical field

Since cardiology is such a high-cost medical specialty, billing and coding errors can result in significant revenue loss for practises. Because of the difficulty of the continuously evolving codes, there is a chance of mistakes, so getting a coding and billing team with cardiology expertise is crucial. In comparison to less experienced office workers, who are likely to spend multiple hours working out each claim and may not be able to work out the more complex coding problems in the period allotted, resulting in unpaid claims and substantial revenue losses, they can reduce mistakes and effectively manage rejected and refused claims.

Challenges Associated with Cardiology Medical Billing

Complications start with scheduling:

Once insurance coverage and payer conditions must be checked during the scheduling phase, the medical billing for cardiology process begins. Also minor information like whether the visit took place in an in-patient, out-patient, or emergency room/urgent treatment environment must be coded correctly or the claim will be rejected.

Complicated procedures and treatments involve complex coding:

Modifiers play a key role in programming. These additional numerical code subcategories are necessary to include the information needed to be reimbursed for all services provided. Although novice coders may look up a procedure’s general code, they often have no idea how many levels of modifiers they need to include or how many numerically-coded information they need to include. Payers are increasingly bundling costs into single codes, which may make billing easier but coders must be able to spot any deviations from the regular packaged products and know how to itemise to prevent over- and under-coding.

High-dollar claims result in huge losses:

Hundreds of patients can be seen regularly in a family medicine clinic, resulting in a large number of low-dollar claims, but tests and procedures in cardiology are more in-depth and time-consuming, so far fewer patients are seen each day. A single unpaid claim will cost a physician up to 10% of his or her day’s income if he or she sees 10 or 15 patients on a typical day.

Docto Bill Increases Revenue

With cardiology billing companies becoming more difficult and payers and medical institutions still trying to cut costs, an efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) system is becoming increasingly important. Medical practitioners will concentrate on patients when they Outsourcing billing and coding to DOCTO BILL since their RCM is handled by qualified, trained experts from start to finish.

We have certified coders

The services offered by DOCTO BILL begin with scheduling and continue through all forms of billing, including debt collection if necessary. Over 40 specialisations, including cardiology, are covered by our accredited coders. Our billers are qualified to spot over- and under-coding red flags and ensure that clean claims are submitted.

We focus on coding & billing

We can keep up with government deals and increase revenue from government incentives because we focus solely on coding and billing. We handle regular billing, respond quickly to denials and rejections, and, if necessary, manage charting and coding enforcement, annual payer changes, and pay back. The proprietary software developed by DOCTO BILL is a key component of our cutting-edge services. We've had a lot of success growing our clients' sales and reducing the amount of time they spend due to billing mistakes. Get a free demo today to learn how we can free up your employees while increasing your profits.