Ambulatory Surgery Center Medical Billing

Ambulatory surgery centres (ASCs), which provide a wide range of services and often employ a large number of physicians, face the same billing challenges as hospitals, but with a much smaller medical billing team to handle any concerns or problems that might arise. Hospital billing outsourcing to DOCTO BILL relieves the stress of having to stay on top of a complex coding system while operating a profitable surgery centre.

We Provide The Necessary Services To Optimize Claims, Prevent Rejections and Maximize Revenue

Aggressive Management of Medical Billing Challenges for ASCs (1)
Out-of-Network Reimbursement Rate Negotiation

Insurance networks and government payers are not versatile, but negotiating reasonable deals as an out-of-network provider is one field where ASC revenue can be greatly enhanced. Finding the best deals is a daunting challenge, and payers have tough negotiators on their side. To ensure that our clients earn the best reimbursements possible, DOCTO BILL has a professional negotiating team that knows the process inside and out. (2)
Patient Scheduling

Patient scheduling is the first step in the medical revenue cycle, and doing it correct is crucial for successful payment outcomes. Our team of highly qualified professionals will ensure that the intake and scheduling phase collects all necessary data and is properly recorded. (4)
Benefits Verification

Even though ASC practitioners may conduct the same procedures as hospital physicians, what is reimbursable at the ambulatory surgery centre is restricted. The ASC will not be charged if any treatment or procedure is given that is not on the approved list, making benefits verification particularly important in that environment. The trained professionals at DOCTO BILL ensure that planned actions are included in the patient’s benefits, ensuring that the services rendered are reimbursable. (3)
Unique Coding Requirements

Although all medical facilities use the same billing codes, surgical procedures often necessitate the use of detailed modifiers. The entire argument would be rejected if a modifier is absent or added incorrectly. DOCTO BILL’s regular protocol involves making an experienced medical biller “scrub” claims before they are submitted to ensure that the coding specifics are accurate.

Dedication to Revenue Cycle Management

DOCTO BILL’s experience in medical coding and billing has evolved over the last decade, and we’ve extended into all facets of the medical revenue cycle management (RCM). Our steady growth and strong track record can be attributed in part to the processes that all of our highly qualified employees follow to ensure that each customer receives the same high quality of service.

Continual Electronic System Updates

Various payers and insurers change their plans on a regular basis, and medical billing codes change every year. The latest EHR/EMR applications and technologies are needed to function effectively in today’s medical billing and coding world. DOCTO BILL collaborates closely with programmers and security engineers to ensure that our software is always up to date and that our system protects patient data to the highest degree possible.

Aggressive Management of Medical Billing Challenges for ASCs

Innovative, Scalable Approach

The DOCTO BILL is responsible for a lot more than just claims management. From pre-appointment scheduling to collection management, our creative medical billing strategy involves full medical revenue cycle management (RCM). To ensure that our coders and billers are still up to date, we have ongoing training as part of our effective method. We have developed a community of specialists who are familiar with the details of coding for ambulatory surgery centres, among many other specialties in the medical sector, by building a large, highly qualified team of medical billing and coding staff.

What Makes DOCTO BILL So Successful as a Medical Billing Company?

DOCTO BILL provides robust EHR/EMR and physician billing services, as well as best-practice process management, to help you shorten the reimbursement period, boost revenue sources, and improve profitability.

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