Unlike Ordinary Medical Billing Companies We Listen, Help & Care.

DOCTO BILL has always prioritized developing trusting relationships with its customers. Our medical billing specialists ensure that our customers’ needs come first and that their desires are met with well-managed billing services. Our healthcare IT and billing experts have over 12 years of experience and know-how to get things done quickly and efficiently. DOCTO BILL is the most dependable medical billing business, providing fully personalized medical billing services. The best thing is that our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements. So that we can improve the efficiency of your company processes, such as claim processing, billing, and revenue cycle management (RCM).
DOCTO BILL has everything you need to run a more profitable company when it comes to creative healthcare IT solutions. With improved insights and control, our high-performing medical billing software accelerates your company’s development.


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Days Turnaround Time
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Reduction in A/R


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First Pass Clean Claims Rate
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Collection Ratios
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Revenue Increase
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Revenue Increase



At DOCTO BILL, we understand that one size does not suit everything. Our goal is to always listen to our customers and provide excellent, customized service that promotes safe practices and satisfied patients.


We’re not like most medical billing firms, and we like it in that way. Our mission is to assist healthcare professionals in implementing creative medical billing technologies that will help them expand their businesses and ensure long-term viability.


When you hire us to handle your medical billing, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who will keep track of every aspect of your account. As a result, we ensure that not a single dollar of uncollected revenue falls between the cracks.


Our qualified medical billing experts and professional analysts are well-versed in all facets of medical claims billing. Our highly qualified medical billing professionals would never let you compromise on quality because of their extensive experience. Our hardworking team provides the most effective medical billing services, enabling you to break new ground.


If your practice is dealing with a large number of claim denials and difficult-to-work-with insurance providers, we can support you. Since we will combine cloud-based electronic medical records and medical billing services with your current system. As a result, we ensure that the revenue cycle management system (RCM) runs more smoothly.


Using standardized medical billing systems, you can improve your company’s profitability while also achieving new levels of productivity. DOCTO Bill’s experts include real-time analytics analysis so you can quickly assess the company’s progress.


DOCTO BILL, unlike most medical billing agencies, allows our team to be creative and curious. By acknowledging things as they are, nothing in history has ever been changed. We’re devoted to creativity and innovation, which means encouraging curious minds to think about new ways to assist our customers.

To unlock the true value of your healthcare practice, streamline your revenue cycle management (RCM) services. DOCTO BILL provides the most extensive medical billing services to help you coordinate and streamline your core business operations.
When you’re concerned about the bottom line, it’s difficult to keep fully focused on patient care. If your new medical billing system isn’t keeping track of regular cash flow through all of your accounts, it’s time to upgrade. Then you’ll undoubtedly need such information to assist you in preparing for the next economic downturn.

Are you looking for a medical billing outsourcing business that offers competitive and affordable billing services? DOCTO BILL is a one-stop billing organization that helps medical practitioners coordinate their strategies (no-matter large or small medical practices). As a result, with the best resources, you can meet your sales targets.