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Hospital Billing Services

We stay up to date on the frequent changes to regulations

Physician Billing Services

Our specialists handle all the aspects of back-office

Laboratory Billing Services

We are specialists in the distinct features of laboratory

Imaging Center Billing Services

Accurate coding, daily claims processing and persistent follow up

Physician Credentialing

Credentialing Service is critical to escape delayed submission of healthcare claims

Our Medical Billing & Coding Solutions

Provider Enrolment
Authorization Request and Tracking
Eligibility and Benefit Verification
Medical Coding
Charge Creation
Electronics and Paper Claims Submission
Payment Posting Insurances and Patients
Fee Schedule Review and Analysis
Denials and Accounts Receivable Management
Appeals Managements
Secondary Insurance Billing
Extensive Insurance Follow Up
Patient Statement Processing and Mailing
Inbound Patient Call Support

We Listen. We Help. We Care.

Professional Medical Billing Services!

DOCTO BILL is a trusted name for health billing services as we believe in providing unique solutions that go beyond standard practices. We offer appropriate medical bills and customized insurance and patient billing services, access to health care services, and management solutions to make organizations of all kinds and sizes.
We offer new medical software designed to simplify all aspects of preparation management and patient involvement and is currently used by more than 80,000 health facilities across the country.

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Time to Diagnose Your Medical Billing Solutions

Decrease Costs

By outsourcing billing services to Docto Bill, you will apart from thousands of dollars.
DOCTO BILL charges a small percentage of your savings.

Eliminate Headaches

DOCTO BILL will guarantee that your claims are submitted accurately and on time.
This has the effect of dropping the number of applications rejected due to medical
billing errors.

Get Paid Faster

DOCTO BILL will make sure that claims are sent electronically to all possible carriers
and that they are set up to accept ERAs, minimizing processing time even further.


7- 0
Days Turnaround Time
0 %
First Pass Clean Claims Rate
15- 0
Revenue Increase
15- 0
Revenue Increase
0 %
Reduction in A/R
0 %
Collection Ratios

Our Specialties

Certified & Professional Medical Billing Specialist:

Happy Patients, Healthy Practice

At DOCTO BILL, we’re dedicated to fulfilling your needs in every aspect of your medical practice. Our cutting-edge electronic health record (EHR/EMR) systems boost productivity and streamline workflow by ensuring that all documentation and patient data is readily available, and communication is fast and easy. We recognize that excellent patient care doesn’t stop at the front desk and patient involvement is essential to running a high-performing healthcare organization. DOCTO Bill’s patient engagement program streamlines the entire medical process from beginning to end, connecting patients to their records and reports. Because a satisfied patient equates to a successful practice.